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The Blockchain Era

While blockchain was at the start created for cryptocurrency, this modern era promises several thrilling possibilities for almost all business sectors. Whether you’re harvesting crops, constructing cars, or selling bananas blockchain can create at ease, incorruptible information of bodily items and facts.

  • Reduce Mistakes
  • Trust-Worthy Audit Trails
  • Easily Trackable
  • Actual-Time info to make upgrades
  • Secured Technology
  • Easy to Manage

What is Strice?

Strice is a BEP-20 Crypto Token that brings a revolutionary manner for human beings to get admission to funding possibilities the usage of blockchain era earned via sustainable action. The Strice objectives to provide an alternative and create a price for people to invest globally in using cryptocurrency generation to allow rapid, green, and secure funds transfer.

By combining the potential transaction talents of cryptocurrencies via constructing a genuine funding revel in that help humans to invest using cryptocurrency for a higher way of life, anywhere within the global sporting out sustainable moves, Strice emerge as available, this also makes the token a living currency. We did not properly articulate the token fee in our economic system that is why Strice targets to fix this as a new cryptocurrency that undoubtedly adds a fee to human beings for his or her moves.

Strice brings a revolutionary way for people to get access to investment in Retail Sector using blockchain technology to allow for the fast, efficient and secure transfer of funds. By combining the potential with the borderless transaction capabilities of cryptocurrencies we want to build an authentic and genuine investment experience that caters to the modern lifestyle.

Our Goal is to launch multiple Supermarkets and implementing the Blockchain technology in its operations. Major percentage of the funds collected will be invested in the project and the remaining will be used for the token development and marketing purpose.

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STRICE Roadmap

The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.

Q2 2021

Token Launch

Q2 2021

Pre Release Airdrop

Q2 2021

ICO Sales & Airdrop

Q3 2021

Pancake Swap Listing

Q4 2021

Multiple Exchange Listing

Q1 2022

Burn 20% to 30%


Coming Soon